Music Video Production

Boston Event Films has years of experience producing live concerts, music videos and multi-camera shoots. Our music video production services include scripting, multi-track digital audio recording, sound systems, lighting, projections, high definition or standard definition taping, steady cams, and cranes to ensure we capture the right angles and sound. We also provide consultations on wardrobe, stage presence, online promotions, merchandising and marketing.

Preview some of our work below:

Music Video Demo

Clockwork Boston

Rebound, New England Wedding and Function Band

Good Foot

Hi Fi


One Step Ahead demo Gold Vista Award winner

Beantown Live 2010 Telly and Platinum Vista Award Winner (NPVA)

Third Stone


Paul Good( Vista Gold winning video 2015)

My Stupid Songs Live

JFK Music Video day after day randy B

One Candle Christmas

White Roses I miss you

Big Rock Wall




Bruce Katz Live 2009 Platinum Vista Award Winner (NPVA)

If you like the work we’ve done for other musicians, contact us to discuss your music video requirements.