Fundraising Videos for Non-Profits

Raising the necessary funds for your non-profit requires you to appeal to the human emotion. Using a well-crafted video can ensure you reach a wider audience with the right message that is clear and compelling.

Boston Event Films’ award-winning video production crew can help your non-profit with event concept creation and then handle the entire production of the video including videography, music production, draping, projections, sound, DJs, lighting and kiosks, ensuring your entire production is handled worry free.

We have worked with many organizations to help them promote their important causes using fundraising videos to ensure their message is seen, heard and well understood.

Mount Auburn Hostpital The Party of the Year 2017

Client Testimonials

THANK YOU! You guys really did a fabulous job, and the event would not have been nearly as impressive without all the AV and of course the amazing videos. Thanks for all your hard work over the past couple of months... it really paid off!

K. R.
Development Manager
November 25, 2016

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed working with you. I am overwhelmed with your talent and work ethic.

I have heard so many compliments about the program. The Going Green Video was a hit but the honoree videos were exceptionally well received. They really touched people and exemplified what St. John’s is all about.

THE BAND WAS AN UNQUALIFIED SUCCESS. I am so glad you stuck to your guns on that one, Maura.

You had a great vision for the evening from the look, sound and message. It was unbelievable and really fun! From the plants to the cars to the chocolate, it would not have been the night it was if not for you. It takes some imagination to come up with all you did and within budget constraints.

Thank you! Rest up for next year.

Mary Carol
St. John's Prep
November 25, 2016